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My wife and I have four children, three boys and a girl.  They’re adults now, out of the house…never out of our lives.  Parenting never ends, thankfully, because we enjoy being a part of their lives.  My wife and I, both from Catholic families, chose Catholic education for our children.  We wanted a continuation of our Christian values and God to be part of their daily lives.  The result; four average, well adjusted and contributing citizens we presented to the world.

The Life Compass began as a family project and eventually became a family product. The genesis was a letter I wrote to my son who was graduating high school.  He was attending a weekend retreat sponsored by his school.  Parents were asked to write a letter to their sons/daughters that they could read during one of their quite periods.  The intent of the letter was to acknowledge their accomplishments, what they had meant to their parents and offer words of wisdom and direction for the next phase of their journey…whatever path they would choose.  For me the panic started slowly and grew.  I had not penned a letter in decades that wasn’t approved by my firm’s legal department.

The letter was read but acknowledgement by my son of its content/impact took some time.  After all this was an eighteen year old male. Admittedly, I too had forgotten the ‘letter writing’ incident.  Sometime later in a conversation he shared, "I appreciated the letter, it meant a lot to me and I think we should share these thoughts with others." Imagine my surprise.  That was the beginning of ‘the rest of the story’ and The Life Compass project that has been a wonderful experience for our family.

We had many conversations to determine the best way to share these thoughts with others. The (compass) concept was voted the perfect medium to convey our message of finding balance for a fulfilled journey.

The Life Compass is available on our web site and there are retail supporters as well.  There are no budgets, forecasts, presidents or CEO’s. The family (when we can find them) assembles packs and readies product to ship.  The response has been incredible.  We receive letters, calls, emails, etc. from parents, friends, grandparents and recipients thanking us for sharing this message.

The message is making a difference.  Getting the family together for conversations without the intrusions of the TV, cell phone, texting and busy lives, is difficult.  When you do, the four points of The Life Compass are great conversation starters for family dinners/gatherings.  Once conversations are initiated about; what does it mean to be a good friend, or how does knowledge (information) impact our lives, everyone has a chance to use real life situations to share a point of view.  Parents can direct these conversations and share their values and appropriate experiences from their life’s journey.

For more information visit our web site at www.thelifecompass.com

Now is the time to share life’s journey with a friend or loved one.


The Clarks