For its .99 pricetag, Scriptural Rosary App offers a good value for those looking for support in praying the Rosary.  It offers basic functionality, most notably the ability to select which mysteries to pray (but a default that offers the correct mysteries by day), the ability to resume a rosary you've begun, and the scriptural references for each "bead" of the rosary. Limited art at the announcement of each mystery, adjustable font size and a soothing color palate make this app easy to use.

I'd like to see some additions, including more basic information devotion to the Rosary, some audio features, more artwork, a "swipe" feature to move between prayers, and perhaps even a social component to allow those praying the Rosary to share intentions.  Overall, Scriptural Rosary App is a solid app for the price.

As a point of comparison, I still vastly prefer the Rosary Miracle Prayer app developed by Pauline Books and Media.  A side by side comparison of the Daughters of St. Paul app vs. Scriptural Rosary App, both of which are .99 in the app store, shows the vast difference in features offered.  Hopefully, future updates to Scriptural Rosary App will continue to provide new features.

Copyright 2011 Lisa M. Hendey