Writing is usually connected to my ability to pray and contemplate. When these two dry up, so do my words. Aridity. This is when I think of the little bird.

When I face these dry times, I like to turn to spiritual books--such as the gospels or books written by saints--to help me settle and/or direct my mind. This is where the little bird comes in. Have you ever watched a bird drink water? It will dip its beak into the font and take a few sips. Then, it turns its face to the sky to let the water go down. Little by little, dip by dip, the bird replenishes itself.

Just as the little bird takes these drops then turns its face skyward, perhaps we should take a few words from God or a Heavenly saint. Then, put the book down for a moment and turn our faces to Heaven to contemplate these tiny bits of nourishment for our souls. Don't be in a rush. Don't force ourselves to be productive again.

Perhaps these times of aridity are designed for us by God to slow us down, to find a new path. Hey, sometimes it looks like a jungle out there, and finding the straight and narrow path takes time to cut through the overgrowth and cast away the unnecessary. It can be a tedious chore that appears to get us nowhere. But suddenly, with the help of Our Savior, we find our new path. If we drink from His fountain, bit by bit, and turn our eyes to Heaven, even our aridity becomes a bountiful time. How's that for a paradox?

God bless.

Copyright 2011 Kathleen Blease