Thank you to Stephanie Gidley and the  Book Club of St. Aidan Parish in Livonia, MI for sharing the prayer they use to begin their Book Club meetings together. The prayer was adapted from multiple prayers and is a special way to commence their time together.

Dear God, thank you for bringing us together today for this Catholic Book Club. We pray for your help and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during our meeting.

Enlighten us to understand what we have read, and help us to put what we learn about our faith, into practice daily. Assist our memories to retain what it is that You desire, and help us to use it for the glory of You and in our faith. Teach us to recognize in our readings what you desire us to learn. Help us to use that knowledge as an instrument of Your grace, directing our souls to greater union with You. Lead us to share our faith and knowledge with the souls of others, in order to bring them close to you as well.

Father, we ask your blessing on us today and every day, as we do our best to do Your will, and live our faith. Grant that we may live in reliance on your goodness and in thankfulness to You for our faith, and all the blessings of our lives. Give us the joyful reassurance that you are always near to guide and protect us.

May the tender love of the Father, the peace of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the grace and strength of the Holy Spirit, be with us as we continue our journey in the light of our faith.