There are times when God will ask us to take a risk, especially if we are discerning our gifts.  I have always been known not to be a risk taker, at least according to most of my teachers.  This label was mostly due to my hesitancy in raising my hand during class.  But as an introvert, I do not like talking in front of big groups of people, so how does that label me a non-risk taker?  Elementary school teachers are quick to define their students and describe them in the end of the year reports.  Many of my teachers never really knew me or got to see my foundation of beliefs and principles.  If I had been given my preferred medium in which to express myself, writing, they would have learned all that I have to offer.  Unfortunately, most writing assignments are researched-based, so my teachers missed out on knowing me.

I am currently reading the book, Living Your Strengths:  Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your Community.  This book is about finding out what your top five strengths are and how to use them with your gifts for God.  I took the quiz that came with the book and a second one that was free online.  The results of the second quiz spoke more of my true strengths.  I did not have sufficient time to answer each question on the first test, so the results were not as accurate, and I did not like how the questions were formed.

On the second quiz, one of my top five strengths was belief.  I am very firmly planted in my faith and principles on life.  Upon discovering the confirmation of these results, I received an e-mail offering an opportunity that may change my life.  With hesitation and prayer, I responded to the call and took a risk.  Now, I have opened a door and must fill it.  At this time, I cannot go into too much detail, but this leap of faith will involve sharing a very deep and emotional journey with many others.  God gives us our gifts, and He takes joy in seeing us use them.  When we develop our strengths to worship our Lord, we will be repaid in indescribable ways.

Copyright 2011 Tanya Weitzel