Moms who love God and Moms inspiring other Moms… that’s what is all about.  It is also part of the wisdom and mission behind the Among Women podcast.

Over the last three years, several writers from Catholic Mom have been guests on my weekly podcast, Among Women. Created in Lent 2009, Among Women grew out of my years of ministry in local churches, and my special regard for women’s ministries.

The Among Women podcast and blog celebrates the beauty and grace of a Catholic woman’s faith and life. It’s faith sharing, teaching, and some good old-fashioned girl talk rolled into one. Each podcast has two segments: “Blessed are They” looks back on inspirational women who are saints, mystics, blesseds, or women from the Bible. The “Among Women” segment focuses on conversations with contemporary women on themes that are important to them.

Among Women has over 125 episodes on a variety of topics.  Its growth and success comes from social media contacts, church bulletin announcements, and, of course, word of mouth. Why not share Among Women as a resource for the women in your life and parish?

Meanwhile, get to know the women behind the bylines here at Catholic Mom, by listening to a few episodes, including three shows with founder of CM, Lisa Hendey.

AW 121: “Each Life is a Masterpiece” with Leticia Velasquez

AW 117: “The Gifts We are to Each Other” with Patti Maguire Armstrong

AW 116: “The Advent of Advent” with Sarah Reinhard

AW 113: “Communing with the Saints” with Lisa Hendey

AW 107: “Making Peace with Your Body” with Kate Wicker

AW 89:  “The Sacred Heart” with Ellen Gable Hrkach

AW 78: “Be An Amazing Catechist” with Lisa Mladinich

AW 62: “Catholic New Media” with Maria Morera Johnson

AW 59: “The Rosary Workout” with Peggy Bowes

AW 56: “The Handbook for Catholic Moms” with Lisa Hendey

AW 50: “Kids and the Bible” with Heidi Hess Saxton

AW 43: “Lisa’s Reversion Story” with Lisa Mladinich

AW 39: “Mom of 10” with Patti Maguire Armstrong

AW 30: “Cause of our Joy” with Leticia Velasquez

AW 27: “The Coping with Breast Cancer” with Lisa Hendey

AW 26: “The Inspiration of Mother Teresa” with Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

AW 15: “Mommy Blogging and Motherhood” with Kate Wicker

AW 13: “The Blessing of Music” with Susan Bailey

AW 11: “The Snoring Scholar and Great Books” with Sarah Reinhard

AW 10: “All Things Girl” with Cheryl Dickow

AW 6: “The Writing Life” with Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur and Leticia Velazquez

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