Small Success Thursday
Welcome back to another Small Success Thursday!

Just as we bring all our trials to God, we should bring our triumphs as well. Sometimes, when I write, I discover all the things I was thinking about in the first place, but that went unvoiced. Sometimes when I pray, I discover all the things I was worrying about, but didn’t want to voice. What is true of troubles is true of successes and joys as well. We sometimes forget to mark them, to share them, to celebrate the things we do or that happen, that bring beauty, light and salt to our days.

This meme help us to recall the times when we’ve been the salt and light for others.
In the past week some of the small successes I can name include:

1) Cleaning out one of my kid’s rooms and I mean deep cleaning. (We moved the furniture and opened the closet).
2) Going to see a play with my husband on Date night over the weekend.
3) Staying up late one night to help one child prepare for exams.
4) Shopping with my oldest daughter for summer clothes. She never likes to shop so it was an unexpected and unbidden treat to have her along and for it to be such a fun experience.
5) Holding at having lost 10 pounds. Will get serious again about it.
6) We found one child’s cell phone that had been missing the better part of a month. Yeah! (It was in a bag that had been turned into an emergency diaper bag for use in the car at some point, and then never revisited until yesterday).
7) Started back up a good habit that had fallen by the wayside in recent weeks, of reading at bedtime to each that I could manage. Some days it is 6. Some days it is 5, some days it is 1.

Now, it is your turn. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to since last week! Leave your small successes list of “Ta-Dah!” moments in the com box. Let yourself discover exactly how much love and joy and labor you packed into the past seven days and congratulations!

Copyright 2012 Sherry Antonetti