Small Success Thursday
Everyone has weeks where life seems quite determined to thwart our attempts at …everything. You know the days…you mop the floor and someone spills chocolate syrup. You run out with the recycling only to see the truck three homes past yours. The soda machine won’t take your dollar and you have 95 cents in change, but not enough to get that cold diet coke that would make everything better.

This week I went to the DMV and after a 2 hour wait, the machine that scans driver’s license froze up four times before we moved to a different booth. Freed from that infernal place, it is pouring and the car will not start. My son and I scrounged through the van for 3 dollars in change to get a vending machine lunch of Famous Amos cookies and root beer. Two hours later, the nice man with the tow truck and portable battery with cables does a test on the non working van and just as he gets done, he pushes the wrong button and the test has to be repeated. We get the 12 passenger machine over to the shop and get a ride home by 4. At this point, I’m shot tired and decide, I’m ordering pizza, only to find out the pizza place is having phone trouble and thus can’t take my order and the other place (same chain) won’t take my order because my home is not in their delivery range –the place that can’t take my order is in my sphere. I know stuff like this happens to other people and it isn’t personal. But weeks like this make carving out a Small Success list feel like a “is that all you got?” type dare to the world.

I’m doubling down.

1) I got my driver’s license renewed.
2) We went to the park on Monday and I played tennis with two of my children.
3) Yesterday it was raining and so we played Farkle and it was so fun for my younger children, they now want to play it every day.
4) Over the weekend, I finished reading a book. Trying for one a week.

I look forward to reading all of your successes. I’ll be hiding out from the universe for the next seven days.

Now it is your turn!

Leave your list on your blog and list your blog in the comments or leave your small successes in the comment section itself and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday!