Book of Saints for Catholic MomsBack to School

No matter what the calendar says, summer is officially over when the children in your neck of the woods go back to school.  Most of us are in the swing of the new school year.  For some families, changes are big with new students in high school, homeschool, kindergarten or college.  For others, the last weeks have brought a return to normalcy.  After homeschooling for the last 9 years, some of my brood are having a year-of-school experience in our wonderful parish school.  Definitely a change for the kids and for mom and dad!

The seasons and cycles of school years give each child an opportunity to start fresh again and again.  As we fall into new schedules, this is a great time to introduce new routines of daily family prayer and even weekday Mass.

How about an idea inspired by our own Lisa Hendey’s A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms?  There are so many saints who the Church has charged with the spiritual care of our childhood and academic pursuits.  Here are 35 of them!  Some are heavy hitters and others may be lesser known.  Why not get to know a new saint each week to help our students and teachers progress through the year?  I’m going to start with St. Acca, patron of learning, and by the end of the year, excluding vacations, I should finish the year with St. Vitus, patron against oversleeping.    Hmm, maybe I should go in reverse….

  1. Acca
  2. Agnes of Rome
  3. Albert the Great
  4. Aloysius Gonzaga
  5. Ambrose of Milan
  6. Benedict
  7. Blandina
  8. Brigid of Ireland
  9. Cassian of Imola
  10. Catherine of Alexandria
  11. Charles Lwanga
  12. Dominic Savio
  13. Francis de Sales
  14. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother
  15. Gemma Galgani
  16. Gregory the Great
  17. Irene
  18. Isidore of Seville
  19. Jerome
  20. John Baptist de La Salle
  21. John Bosco
  22. Joseph Calasanz
  23. Lawrence of Rome
  24. Margaret of Scotland
  25. Maria Goretti
  26. Martin de Porres
  27. Nicholas Albergati
  28. Nicholas of Myra
  29. Osanna Andreasi
  30. Philomena
  31. Symphorian of Autun
  32. Thomas Aquinas
  33. Ursula
  34. Vitus

Copyright 2012 Kate Daneluk