Daily Scriptures Reflection for Wednesday

Scripture: Lectionary 433. I Corinthians 3:1-9. Psalm 33:12-13.14-15.
20-21. Luke 4:38-44:

Wednesday's Readings 

Paul is not afraid to confront the Corinthians. He knows full well
that they have come to trust him, therefore, he is quite open and
clear in his remarks that are meant to help them grow in their faith.
This is the role of pastors, spiritual directors, counselors, and
teachers. True friends are able to do this since they always want
their love one to do better. The offer words that sometimes hurt but
are meant for the good of the loved one. This is not easy, but it is
the test of true friendship which means loving the other for what is
really best for them and not for ourselves or what we can get out of
the friendship.
The Corinthians are too tied to their former ways and have some
growing to do. Paul has fed them like a mother and a nurse with soft
food and milk. Now they are no longer infants in the faith and can
grow if they accept solid food. He challenges them to stop carrying
placards favoring one apostle or disciple over another like we belong
to Paul, we belong to Apollos, we are followers of Peter. It is the
Gospel message that is important for them not the one who delivers it.
Apollos is a teacher, Paul is a pastor and preacher. The one plants
the seed, the other waters it, but it is God who makes it produce its
fruits from the earth.

Jesus heals the mother-in-law of Peter at Capernaum. She, in turn,
gets up and serves them. This gives us an example of what Paul was
pointing out to the Corinthians. He wants each of them to do what the
Lord assigns to them. She, after being healed, ministers to Jesus and
his disciples; she offers her home and her hospitality. She shows that
she is thankful and alert to their physical needs.

Jesus does not delay his mission to other homes, towns, and people who
are in need of healing. He casts out evil spirits, cures the sick,
and preaches the Good News of the Kingdom. “To others I must announce
the Good News of God’s Kingdom for it is this that I have been sent.”

Copyright 2012 Fr. Bertrand Buby, S.M.