Small Success Thursday

Sometimes the small successes are those dutiful things we’d rather put off, like oil changes and teeth cleanings and that reminds me, I need to schedule both of those.

I turned 40 six years ago. I’ve never had a mammogram. It isn’t because I’ve been afraid, it’s that I’ve always been either pregnant or nursing when the time came to make the appointment. However this year, I finally wasn’t. So this past Monday, I went and finally had it done. I was feeling so adult, having secured a babysitter during school hours, making it to the place ahead of time to take care of the paper work, and then I sat down on the teal and tan couch and looked at the table with large coffee books on Tuscany and Monet and listened to the trickling down of a meaningless waterfall over rocks placed against the wall. I kid you not, I fell asleep and woke up after I’d given a decidedly not in keeping with the new age décor, snore. It may be that God has given me all of these children to save me from mortification on my own; I’m not safe to take out in public without them.

Tuesday my son had a baseball game at the witching hour of 5 o’clock. Seeing as baseball has no clock, I fretted over how we would get dinner and bed time routine going if I wasn’t sure when the day would end. We decided to try and make the most of it and had an outdoor picnic (hot dogs because it’s a ball game), and chips and carrots and grapes and juice. My plan almost worked except for the ice cream truck which came by. I held to my “No.” but it did mean the trip was partially a downer as my five year old pouted about it for the rest of the evening.

Say a prayer for me if you have a chance. Tomorrow I’m applying for a writer’s job with the Archdiocese in our area. I’m still mulling over how this will affect my family and hoping that this is God’s will. It would certainly make tuition payments easier! J I have asked that the job stay at home only, as I look around our house and see countless ways in which, I know here is where I’m needed most.

Now, it’s your turn, I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this week.

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