Small Success Thursday Small Success Thursday

On Sunday, my father broke his hip.

On Monday, he had to have surgery. Honestly, it would have taken Mensa worthy level concentration for me to think my way out of a paper bag from the first phone call about his injury to the final one telling me he was laughing at jokes my brother made. If there is an upside to such news aside from coming through the procedure fine, having someone you love go through a trial can be a good reminder of what is, and is not important. My Monday had been overbooked, it suddenly became free. I’d been stressing about paperwork and taxes. Lo, none of that stuff remained important.

Because of the stress on the first two days of the week, I had perspective. It was a good thing too. Otherwise having to make four trips to the school –one to drop off, one to return to drop off a forgotten instrument, one to pick up a sick child from the nurse, and one to pick up everyone else at the end of the day, followed by a trip to the metro to pick up one daughter, a run home to drop everyone off, a quick trip to the second high school to pick up a child who just made the softball team, followed by a dash out to pick up pizza (delivery was a 2 hour wait), topped off with one more run to the metro to pick up my husband because his car was being fixed, might have been cause for a major melt down.

But if Tuesday was a day of super endurance, Wednesday was a day of snowy indulgence. No school. No high school. The car stayed in the driveway. The driver/mom stayed home. I made pie and watched movies. It was a good day of doing very very little. I was very grateful to God for the day off.

To all of you, I hope your week was a great success. Leave a link and post your triumphs for the week on your blog. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to this week and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday.

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