A Computer Consecration A Computer Consecration

My older kids have their Apples.  And my husband, one provided by his employer.  Spending more time writing, e-mailing, and researching the internet for homeschooling and other purposes, I became eager to have a computer to call all my own.  And this past week, I was given that gift – a new laptop.

While the tech world remains for me at times a bit overwhelming, I also recognize it as a great resource for communication and for acquiring knowledge.

Living in a fallen world, we also recognize as Catholics the inclination to be pulled away from God daily.  The same tool that allows me to connect with family members and friends instantly is the same tool that disconnects me from those I live with and love.  Hours spent surfing the web slip by as the rice burns and the kids stay “plugged in” themselves for way too long.

So after a day or two of thought and prayer about this, I believe I received an inspiration.  Why not consecrate this new computer to Mary?  Being entrusted to Mary already through the St. Louis de Montfort Consecration to Mary, I had already given her all my exterior and interior goods.  The computer already really belonged to her.  I decided however that it would be fruitful to make it a bit more formal.  The following prayer was composed my journal and I brought the computer with me to an hour of adoration, and gave it to Jesus through Mary.

Dearest Mother,

When I consecrated myself to you so many years ago, I gave you all my exterior and interior goods.  I hold before you this day, my new computer.  I know that it belongs to you.  Therefore, I ask you now to lay your hands upon it and take it unto your most Immaculate Heart and keep it there.  Entrusted to your pure heart, I ask that any and all communication I have while using it will be holy and pleasing to the Most Holy Trinity.  I pray that any study or research I do while on this computer will only bring me closer to you and to Your Son Jesus.  I pray that any articles or documents that I might create or write on this computer will only be an expression of my deep reverence and awe for God the Supreme Good, and only and ever to draw others to seek His Holiness and Truth.  I believe that this computer is your gift to me, through my most generous husband, in order that I might use it for Your glory, to enlighten me in my vocation as a wife, mother, and teacher, sanctifying this vocation to holiness, to marriage, and to family.  Protect me from seeking affirmation here, from dangerous websites, from wasting time on here, and from any trap of the evil one.  Let me choose every word carefully, and let every moment spent on it be spent with you- right by my side- watching me, guiding me, protecting me….in full knowledge of your desire to keep me safe within your heart and to always help me to imitate you.

I thank you in advance for all the good you will inspire me to do here and for all the protective care you will secure for me!  Amen.

Perhaps I will do the same with all of the phones, ipods, ipads, and computers in our house!  May all of our families and our tools of technology be blessed!

Copyright 2012 Cynthia Costello