Behnind the Scenes: Fear Not, for I am With You Behind the Scenes: Fear Not, for I am With You

This past week has felt like an emotional roller coaster for me. Many things hit at once, and yet all pretty small in comparison to those loved ones around me. My hubby, the nurse, witnessed his first patient die right before his eyes. One friend whose house burned half way last spring also has watched her hubby go through major surgery over the last several weeks. Another friend is a single mother who cares relentlessly for her 2 toddlers, one of which is severely handicapped & it is a true miracle if she ever gets to sleep through the night even {I think it's God's provision that she is a nurse}.

And, as for my new & dear bible study, well, pretty much we are all a masterpiece in the making going through our own fires and floods.

My 2 friends I mentioned above had actually told me separately how much this passage from Isaiah has gotten them through their trials, so this morning instead of doing "work", I decided to create art to encourage their hearts & hopefully help them to press on and see God's great love for them and the fact that He truly is their Savior and Lord, carrying them through the flames and fire.

{Art available here}

I chose the waterfall image which I shot in Colorado a few years ago, just thinking of the power of water. Water can be so calming, cleansing & soothing and then as it piles up in its mighty force, it is actually dangerous. When we are walking through our trials, we can feel so overwhelmed and flooded with the situation surrounding us. But God is there, mighty to save, present, strong & loving.

I also love how the passage speaks of how He has "summoned us by name. You are MINE."

And, sad to say, it is not "if" you walk through the fire, but "when". Hardship is a part of this lifetime, yet He is with us to carry us through.

May you know His love, strength, and grace today.

Grace & Peace,

Copyright 2o12 Julie Chen