Small Success Thursday Small Success Thursday

The past week included two days of solo mom and a weekend full of baseball. When someone asked me, “How are you doing?” I said, “Surviving.” And suddenly felt my life was somehow flat, disappointing, like the salt and light was missing. I knew this sort of dullness of heart was a spiritual attack, designed to make the day to day management of our family feel like a non event, a non gift. Saying the rosary and looking to some sources for spiritual refreshment did not lead to the renewal of zeal. I felt distracted and discouraged.

So I’m very grateful for the Small Success Thursday since it demands that I recognize this is a battle for hearts done on a daily and even minute to minute basis. The successes may be very small, but they are there. It is hard sometimes to accept that we aren’t called to move or beat the world, only to live in it but not be of it.

1) This week my almost 7 year old read “Green Eggs and Ham” and knew she read it.
2) My teen was asked to Homecoming.
3) My four year old said “Yes” in answer to a question and shook his head “No.” He is using more words.
4) The 13 year old son hit a double, driving in two runs in a heroic but losing effort.
5) Reconnected with a friend that I’ve had for a long time but had drifted away from.
6) Took a teen shopping for some clothes by herself. (A rare treat).
7) Got school pictures done for 6 of the 10.

I can’t wait to see what you’ve done this week.

Leave your list on your blog and list your blog in the comments or leave your small successes in the comment section itself and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday!

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