We're reflecting on the second sorrowful mystery of the rosary today as part of our celebration of the launch of A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy.

It's all too easy for these mysteries--especially the sorrowful mysteries--to become rote for me. I forget, all to easily, how gruesome and messy and painful they were.

It's uncomfortable. It makes me squirm.

But life's like that. Gruesome. Messy. Painful. The journey through the rosary reminds me that it was that way for Jesus and Mary, too. It keeps them real for me, and it makes them more accessible. It allows me to feel their hand in mine as I struggle throughout my own life.

Our host today is Barb at Franciscan Mom. You'll find my reflection on the Scourging there, as well as the prayers.

I hope you'll join us today--and each day of the tour--while we pray together for all of our intentions. I have a special set of intentions that I'm carrying with me as I pray this, and I will remember each of yours as well.

Don't forget that you can enter to win a Nook tablet as we pray and help us celebrate the launch of the latest title in the CatholicMom.com book line. You can enter once a day during from now until October 28.