Small Success Thursday Small Success Thursday

Last week I realized I’d let a few things slip. I set goals. I made plans. I told you this week, I’d let you know how I did.

Did I edit? Did I ever. 2,455 ands, gone. Redundancy in one place, destroyed. Tightening up of closing plus I discovered a need to add a new story (yeah! New words), and the killing of a scene I thought I needed but didn’t. I wish losing weight were as easy as trimming words. I’m much better at snipping ands, thats and hads than I am at cutting calories.

Did I get back on the diet? First rule of getting out of a hole is to stop digging. So I’ve dug in and stepped back from the weight abyss number, the “you shall not pass” number that is my cue I’ve slummed for too long on the watching what I eat and exercising. Down two lbs. It’s a start.

Did I get my daughter’s social security number? I assembled the paperwork. I went downtown. I discovered my recall of where it was, wasn’t what it was. I called 411. The phone tree for the 1-800 explained I would be waiting for some time. Try as I might, I could not get the local listing because I couldn’t access a human being. Not wanting the trip to be a total loss, I mailed two packages and got a flu shot. Typing up my Small Success Thursday list made me stop and get the address and the directions. (My memory wasn’t even close). So now I’m armed. This will happen today.

Oh… and I started reading my friend Sarah Reinhard’s book, “A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy”. Much less obsessive over weight and physical changes than the most familiar book women use to get through this time. It addresses the spiritual component of this stage in a woman’s life, without getting gnostic about the experience. I haven’t finished but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read. I’ll review when I’m finished. My one complaint, she didn’t write this before I had ten children, it would have helped.

Setting the goals even in cyber space helped restart the important projects in my life that I let go. So now, it’s your turn. What did you do this past week that counts as a small success and what do you hope for the next? I’ll be looking to see what you post! Have a great week.

Now it’s your turn:

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