The Christmas Presence by Wally Faucheux

Today, as we continue to mourn the tragic passing of those in Connecticut, I am pleased to share a gift from one of our readers. Wallace Faucheux is a talented artist and illustrator at Animation Bayou. To celebrate the season and to bring hearts closer to Christ, Wally has shared a beautiful little cartoon book he created just for you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have and that you'll share it with your loved ones this Christmas season. Thank you Wally!

Download "The Christmas Presence" by Wally Faucheux

Over the course of 25+ years, Wally Faucheux has served his clientele as an animator, motion graphic artist, news graphic artist. children's book illustrator, illustrator, comic strip and comic book artist. He is the owner of Animation Bayou where besides producing commercial work, he is developing a number of projects aimed at spreading the Catholic faith and promoting the culture of life. Wally and his wife, Aimee of 33 years and his four children live in the Bayou State of Louisiana. You can visit is website at or email him at