Embracing God's Plan for Marriage Embracing God's Plan for Marriage

Do any of your New Year's resolutions relate to growing in your faith and growing closer to your spouse? If so, I'd like to recommend a perfect resource for you as we begin 2013 -- and even if you don't make resolutions, you'll want Embracing God's Plan for Marriage: A Bible Study for Couples by Mark and Melanie Hart on your kitchen table this winter.

First, let's look at the basics of this book. Here's the blueprint:

Marriage is one of God’s most beautiful gifts and is intended to bless us, fulfill us, and give us a path to sanctity. Understanding what true love entails and how grace works to overcome our wounded human nature is the key to a holy, happy, and passionate marriage. In this six-session Bible study, popular author and speaker Mark Hart and his wife, Melanie, help couples understand key Scripture passages that illuminate the truths about married love and the “two becoming one flesh” (see Genesis 2:24). By undertaking this study, couples will grow in their understanding of sacramental marriage so they can reflect God’s plan and glory and become a witness for Christ’s sacrificial love for each of us.

A few special features of this book include:

  • Insightful and challenging reflection and discussion questions for each session.
  • “In the Spotlight” sections feature passages from important Church documents, quotes from the saints, and real-life witnesses.

Now let me say a few words on why a book like this is such a blessing to our families and our Church. I've never really met Mark Hart in person, but I've been a major fan of his writing and speaking for years. We share a passion for Irish football and for our faith. I've often pondered the keys to Mark's obvious skills for evangelization and ministry and have on many occasions concluded that behind this amazing man must be a phenomenal wife. So while "meet Mark Hart" is on my bucket list, so is "meet Melanie Hart" -- because I'm convinced that their ministry is a partnership ordained by God.

This makes Mark and Melanie the perfect couple to lead us in studying scripture on the topic of marriage. I'm sure they'd be the first to admit that no marriage is 100% perfect, but in Embracing God's Plan for Marriage they wisely guide us towards the scripture passages that will bring us closer to God and to our spouses. I also love the many "real life" stories shared by married couples in this book and the focus on sharing Church documents which compliment the scripture passages studied.

I'd recommend Embracing God's Plan for Marriage as the perfect way to begin your New Year and the next year of your marriage. Whether you've been married for one year or twenty-six (like me), you'll find nuggets of incredible wisdom and inspiration in this study. The book also includes a helpful resource for planning and studying with a group. For group study, a couple's project, or even your own individual use, I know you'll find  Embracing God's Plan for Marriage to be a blessing to both your faith and your family.

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