Bring Forth the Light Bring Forth the Light

New out from Catholic recording audience Michael James Mette is his newest project, Bring Forth the Light. A Catholic musician and speaker from St. Louis, Missouri,  Michael is also a husband & father. Along with his apostolate work and music, Michael and his wife Michelle are parents to five young children.

Asked about this latest project and his music, Michael had this to say:

"Bring Forth the Light" is a project about hope and beauty.  I wanted to show the beauty of the Catholic experience through music.  The sounds are both fresh and familiar with a modern approach to alternative rock.  This album is designed to cut through the spiritual apathy that is all too common in the modern world.  The songs are a reflection on my Catholic faith.  As a parent of 5 young children, there are themes of parenting and family life (especially in songs like "Your Love" and "Changed By You").  I've been actively touring the country for the past year playing concerts at parishes all over the country.  We are now transitioning to taking the family on the road with us starting this spring.  My wife (Michelle) wrote a blog post outlining some of the reasons why we're living out our faith in this radical way.

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As a Catholic music fan, I'd have to say that while I love several of the tracks on  Bring Forth the Light, my personal favorite is likely the song "Breathe". The opening lyrics set the tone for a song that could be my personal anthem these days:

Breathe into us Lord
life giving love
for we are dead
without you...

Bring Forth the Light is a great mix of tempos and styles, all with Michael James Mette's personal brand of uplifting art. For another taste of this CD, check out this awesome video for the song "Audience of One":

Please join me in supporting Michael James Mette and his beautiful family in their living, loving and sharing of our faith by checking out his music and sharing it with your friends and family today.