Small Success Thursday Small Success Thursday

Today was a two hour delay on the start of things. My son came down and announced he’d had trouble sleeping and that God had answered his prayers with an extra bit of stolen time in the morning to go slow. This world can move all of us along so quickly, we miss the moments we’re supposed to hold onto, like spotting a fox running through the woods, hearing a daughter say “Snow” and know what she is saying and why, giving a hug to an anxious teen or a little extra help to a frustrated first grader tackling tying her shoes.

So take some time today to take a look around. Like the snow blanketing the earth, everything looks fresh and new when we view it through the lens of gratitude, but that lens takes a few moments not put on the to do list to come into focus. Like waking up and recognizing that a prayer has been answered.

So list your small successes, things you want others to know, God to know you are grateful for today, and if you have a blog, put a link to it in the comment section. Then go and visit all the others who participate and invite those you think might derive pleasure from taking a moment to see all things new to join in today’s small success.


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