Small Success Thursday Small Success Thursday

Last week, our basement flooded.  Knee deep in the well outside our daughter's window, my husband bailed the rain water while my two teen daughters and I carted away the buckets.  It was cold.  It was pouring.  It was hard.  More than once I worried about hypothermia from the exposure while we were frantically trying to clear all of it away.

When we finally got to bed, the rain still raging outside and the wind howling, my husband uttered a prayer, "God, please please please, make the rain stop. Please don't make us have to do this again this evening."  The wind ceased.  I mean, the rain let up and the wind stopped.  Now we had asked God while out in  the storm, "Stop the rain, stop the flood. You promised not to flood the earth..." but here, the answer was yes.  The rain started up again and still felt strong, but it was never as hard and though the wind and rain kept on through the night, we did not flood again.

So the next morning, we laughed over the reality of how often, "Ask and you shall receive" is answered "Yes."

Then we remembered, we owed God a thank you. We asked for a miracle and got it."  It is so easy to go back to the ordinary, it is so easy to forget to say, "thank you." when God answers our prayers.

Today is Thursday, we stop to recognize how in living out our lives, God is answering our hearts desires, answering our prayers.   Today we recognize those answers, and say thank you.

1) Thank you for my husband, for my sons and my daughters, for my extended family, my friends, our parish and our school, for wise people I know by face and those I only know through their wise words on the internet.

2) Thank you for the sacraments and the opportunity in this country to receive them often.

3) Thank you for teen girls willing to get very muddy with their parents bailing out the basement at 11 o'clock at night.

4) Thank you for a 4 year old son who has mastered staying in his bed.  Please let him teach his older siblings.

5) Thank you for helping me not sabotage myself on our budget or my diet.

Now it's your turn to discover all the reasons you have to be thankful.

Copyright 2013 Sherry Antonetti