IMG_3231To submit means, "to give over or yield to the power or authority of another."* To submit to God means that we abide by his ways. We are in a covenant with him as his children, just as the Hebrew people were in covenant with him. When someone submits, they live in agreement.

To submit an article, writers send articles to publishers. A writer must know the market to which they contribute. In fact, they should know it inside and out. A submission must follow guidelines. Similarly, when a person chooses to submit to God, or when a wife submits to her husband, like submitting an article, she is abiding by guidelines, and choosing to live in agreement rather than in argument.

Submission means sacrifice- a bending to the higher will, the higher law, and the deeper significance behind perhaps a paltry sum acquired for the job. The cost of the job might be great. The return may be minimal. But the long-run return of each little submission -- that is where the value lies. The long-term value of each little submission is important.

Submission also means cooperation. If I am creating something with my daughter, and I ask her for the scissors, she is submitting by giving them back to me. But something bigger is at work. She is creating an opportunity. By submitting, she is living in union and cooperation with me to get the craft accomplished. If she chooses rebellion, as her sinful nature is wont to do, our work together crumbles. This is a silly example, but it shows the significance of the bigger picture of submission in daily life.

I am not submitter by nature at all, but like any writer, I have a lot to submit. I have numerous ideas for articles daily. I love sitting at my laptop stringing words together. God made me a writer, and so I submit. However, without bylines, I'm at a loss. When we hide our gifts from our community, we give up trying. When we bury our talents, we lose the chance to give of ourselves. When we do not submit, we miss out.

Creating art is a form of submission as well. Unless you hide your work under your bed like Emily Dickinson, creating something meaningful means submitting yourself to the thoughts and opinions of others. Creation always involves some form of vulnerability. It beckons us to go out on a limb.

I encourage you to out on a limb. Create words~ Poetry. Create images~ Art. Create sounds~ Music. God created you to create, like him. We are uniquely created in the image of God. He is the Creator. You will join other artists, and you will join the human race in expression. Even Facebook updates take an act of will, creativity, and thought. If your contribution is weak, remember the number of drafts it takes to get something polished, shined, and singing.

It is important to clarify that if you are not submitting to God, then you are giving or yielding to the power and authority of Satan. Be careful that you know the guidelines of God's Holy Will and his Covenant and laws. This is a matter of eternal life and death.

Submit to God- and you will justly reap the longterm rewards!


Copyright 2013 Tacy Beck