In Called to Be Holy, Cardinal Timothy Dolan states, “Laity, like priests, aspire to give Christ to others, but they can’t give him unless they’ve got him! That is holiness.”

That statement bears the challenge -- how do we “get Him”?  In the first chapter, Cardinal Dolan lays out 10 components of personal practices that will lead us to holiness.   Component IV is “Daily Spiritual Reading.” This directive immediately brought to my mind iPieta for Android.  Visit the iPieta homepage for more information about how this app differs from iOS, requiring it to be downloaded in modules.  I also highly recommend reading Lisa Hendey’s 2010 App Spotlight -- iPieta, regardless of which operating system you are currently using.

While all of the additional modules (also referred to as upgrades) are wonderful to have, the “Spiritual/Church” is of particular use for following through on “Daily Spiritual Reading.”  Here is a screenshot of some of the works added with this module:


The true benefit of having them in electronic form is the convenience of having all these great works one easy to access location.  Furthermore, the cost can't be beat for all the great works put together—even if you purchased all 4 modules, it's less than $4!

I love being able to capitalize on the unexpected wait in the doctor’s office or checkout line by opening iPieta to read any one of the vast good works available. Even if I get only one sentence read, it is more than I had planned on, and it gives me something to think about.  Reminds me of St. Paul’s advice:

…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. Phil 4:8

The more time we spend with our thoughts on things of God, the more like-minded with him we become, which is a simple formula for answering that call to holiness.  Whatever we take in with our eyes—especially what we read—whether we sense it or not, affects how we think and who we will become.  We can, and most of us do, tell our children this same message, especially when it comes to video games, movies, or internet exposure, but how quickly we forget this lesson for ourselves.

If we truly want to grow in holiness, and we are all called to do so, we must be diligent in following the sage advice of those models God has put before us (the Church Fathers and Saints) and with us (holy men such as Cardinal Dolan), to guide and direct our piety.  The best way to know this counsel and insight is to read it, and one of the best modern tools for reading these works is the iPieta with the Spiritual/Church upgrade.

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