Saint Gerard Majella - The Mother's Saint

I enjoy my friendly relationship with the Redemptorists who run the wonderful website and Facebook page devoted to serving women through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella. Here's a bit more about them from their Facebook "about" section:

Our online community provides prayer, support, celebration, education and hope for all mothers, mothers-to-be, and those trying to conceive.


Saint Gerard Majella is a Redemptorist saint known around the world as the patron of expectant mothers. Born on April 6, 1726 in Muro, Italy. He was the son of a tailor who died when Gerard was 12, leaving the family in poverty. Gerard tried to join the Capuchin order but was denied because of his ill health. He was later accepted as a Redemptorist lay brother serving the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer as a gardener and a tailor. To learn more about St. Gerard and how he became known as the patron of expectant mothers, visit our website at

The administrators of The Mother's Saint Facebook page have set a goal of reaching 3,000 "likes" on Facebook by Mother's Day and we're incredibly close to helping them reach that goal. Today, I'm asking friends who use Facebook to please consider "liking" their page at This is more than simply asking you to a click a button -- it's an invitation for you to learn about and enter into an intercessory relationship with a saint, and also with a tremendous community. At the page you'll find inspiration, support, informational resources and much more. Your "like" will additionally help spread the good news about this resource and the work being done on behalf of mothers everywhere to your family and friends online.

Thanks for your consideration. Like the page at and help us help moms!