Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Saints for Kids: There's an App for That!

Two saints apps our kids love.

Take Five for Faith

A new Android app for busy Catholics that we highly recommend.

Paying Taxes on Internet Purchases

According to the research we've done, we should be paying taxes on our internet purchases already. Here's more about that and a bit to prepare you for what seems to us to be inevitable: internet sales tax.

RosaryApp by Jackson Egan

Phone: Hundreds of dollars. Data plan: Monthly fee. App: 99-cents. Distraction-free praying: priceless. We love it.

Strange Notions: A Site to Watch

It's a discussion about atheism and with atheists about Catholicism. If that just made your brain explode, check out the site itself. It gets ten thumbs up from us.

Game Review of Splinter Cell: Conviction

This is a game we're not so impressed with, and we'll tell you all the reasons why.

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