A Taste of God’s Grace – June 22, 2013 in Danbury, CT

A Taste of God's Grace - Retreat - June 22, 2013 A Taste of God's Grace - Retreat - June 22, 2013

The summer is here – time to unwind and recharge.  We remember to book our vacations, get the kids signed up for summer camp, and even line up our summer reading  -  but do we give that same attention to recharging our Spiritual life?

How have you embraced this Year of Faith to grow closer to God, learn something new about the Catholic Faith, or opened your life to the abundant Grace God wants to pour into your life?  Here is a unique opportunity to do all of that and infinitely more!

Catholic author and EWTN Host Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, will present engaging talks, drawing from her friendship with Bl. Mother Teresa, which will encourage you to discover and use your own God-given gifts.  These gifts (you may be amazed at what you discover you have to offer) can be used to serve "Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor" in your own life; ultimately imparting a deep and abiding peace and joy to your heart and soul.

Continuing to look at God's gifts ... Catholic author and CatholicMom.com TechTalk contributor, Allison Gingras, explores the role of the Sacraments in our daily lives.  You mean there is more to just checking them off our Catholic to-do list?  How do we live an authentically Catholic life in the midst of bills, laundry, career and the demands of a variety of different relationships?   All while answering the question – what does Grace have to do with it?

The retreat day is just $40.00 and conveniently located at the Holiday Inn in Danbury/Bethel, Ct. from 9 AM – 4 PM on Saturday, June 22nd, which includes lunch and an opportunity to socialize with others and shop for books and resources from the authors and the Daughters of St. Paul.

Visit: http://www.reconciledtoyou.com/events to register or call 508-243-1133 for more information.  *Special DRE, Principal and Group discounts available.