Celebrating My Anniversary as a Mom Celebrating My Anniversary as a Mom

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary and we've hit the rut of not knowing how to celebrate.  We've gone back and forth with options and even my mother-in-law suggested we go to the city or go to the beach for the day, but really, I'd rather spend the day with my kids and just go to dinner with my husband.  We have some "babysitter needed" events coming up soon and I feel like we'll be away from them enough. I was however starting to worry I wasn't honoring my husband and our marriage by setting aside separate time with him.

And so suddenly it was the morning of my anniversary and instead of waking up to breakfast in bed, I was awoken by my son and his cough.  I took him out his bed and to the the couch, to try to come up with some way to stop the cough, figuring that moms should just know what to do in this moment.... I settled for some water and some cuddle time.  I realized that while I was sitting with him (although I might also have been wishing I was still asleep,) that this was the sacrament in real life. This was one of the reasons my husband and I got married, to raise our children.

The day ended up consisting of picking up the car from the tire shop, where it was getting a flat tired fixed, to dropping it for new brakes and making sure it would be done in time to rush across town for swim lessons.  Again, this was marriage in the works, sure it seemed boring, but it was about being together while we did those mundane things and celebrated our son and daughter learning to swim.  We rushed home and used our team work skills to get the kids ready to be babysat by my in-laws. I bathed them, while my husband made dinner and were out the door in less than 30 minutes.  When we got in the car we realized we still didn't know where we wanted to eat.  In the end dinner was great and I felt like the short meal was a lifetime of relaxation.  I did have a moment during the day when I worried we wouldn't have anything to talk about during dinner but just being together and only focusing on ourselves without having to keep kids entertained or behaved in the restaurant was enough. I highly recommend a dinner out if you haven't spent alone time in awhile.  If cost is a worry, we found a restaurant that had a happy hour and got sushi for $3 a roll.  Ultimately we're celebrating being together and being married.  I mean a week alone in cancun would have been great too, but new brakes, swim lessons and sushi is right up there on my list for a great day.

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