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WiL Frey is a man after the very of Heart of God.

The extraordinary fruit of his prayerful pursuit - this mysterious, mystical exchange between the love of Christ and the love of man in Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament - is WiL’s first solo album, In His Presence.

WiL is a high school biology teacher, worship leader, and singer/songwriter who lives in central California with his wife and seven beautiful children. WiL and his entire family are consecrated members of the Militia of the Immaculata (MI).

A convert to the Catholic faith, WiL considers himself blessed to have been raised in a loving, faith-filled Episcopalian home. His mom was a lead choir member and his dad was the church organist. WiL was confirmed in the Episcopal church at the age of thirteen after which he had a strong experience of the Holy Spirit.

"Michelle, I will never be Catholic!"WiL Frey

This was WiL’s emphatic declaration to his future wife when they began dating in 1997. They were eventually married in the Church though WiL could not receive Holy Communion at their wedding ceremony or any other Mass he attended with Michelle because he was not Catholic. It was during this time that WiL began to experience a hunger in his heart for the Living Bread.

"Is this really Jesus?" – WiL Frey

Michelle’s parents, Mick and Mary, were responsible for church ‘security’.

WiL would frequently join Mick as he made his rounds to lock all the rooms and buildings on the parish grounds. These rounds would always end with some time in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

“I was always amazed that there were people there praying [and] Imploring God with petitions, praying the rosary...They were truly watching and praying an hour with our Lord, just as He had requested of the apostles.” – WiL Frey

WiL signed up for an early morning weekly holy hour. This was the beginning of his conversion to Catholicism. Jesus revealed Himself to WiL’s heart and he fell in love with the Lord truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

WiL was attracted to the Catholic Church because of the beauty, peace, and joy he found in Eucharistic adoration. He formally entered the Church on the Easter Vigil of 2002 with his father-in-law, Mick, as his sponsor.

In His Presence In His Presence

In His Presence - Acoustic Adoration ‘Unplugged’

In His Presence is a collection of eight original contemporary songs and four beautifully re-arranged classics that were inspired and written in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  WiL’s pure vocals and ethereal guitar anoint and sooth the soul while joyfully lifting our prayerful spirits as sweet-smelling incense rising to the throne of God.

“I really wanted the album to be as if it was just myself, my guitar, and Jesus… It is really meant as a collection of hymns of Eucharistic praise. - WiL Frey

WiL Frey is climbing to the mountaintop and he’s taking us along on the journey with all the saints and angels to a place where we “feast” on the Living Bread and there is no hunger – a place where we are “warmed with His radiance” – a place where our parched hearts are quenched and we are “filled to overflowing” In His Presence.

Click here to purchase In His Presence on iTunes. Email wilrfrey@gmail.com to purchase In His Presence – the CD. Locals can pick up one or a few at Cotter/San Joaquin Religious Goods or after the Sunday Mass at St. Joseph’s Parish bookstore – both in Modesto, CA.

WiL is also on NOISETRADE and YouTube and Amazon.com

RosaryConcert_ModestoA Concert For Life – Save The Date

WiL is very excited to join Catholic recording artists and Unity Award winners, Gretchen Harris and Donna Lee for the Living Rosary Concert for Life featuring music, prayer and personal testimony Friday, Oct 4, at St. Stanislaus Parish, 1200 Maze Boulevard in Modesto, CA at 7PM

“Come, bow down and worship. We are His people and He is our God.” Call to Praise (Psalm 95) - WiL Frey

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