Boot Camp Recap Boot Camp Recap

Weeks ago, actually six weeks ago now, I signed up for boot camp at a cross fit type gym.  I had decided to take control of my physical self as it was out of control.  At the end of five weeks I was weighed and measured and lo and behold, there is less of me.  While there is less of me physically, there is more of me mentally and spiritually.

I have begun to conquer fears and become more aware of my negative thinking.  One way I have done this to exert myself by putting forth effort to do things when I am convinced I will fail or in some cases, literally fall. I have fallen, but I got up and kept trying or did a modification.  I am learning to do pull ups, and every time we do dead lifts I lift more than the time before.  My energy level is up and the endorphin high is unbelievable.

I realize in a new and heightened way how all of me is tied together into one person.  My spiritual life is better since tiredness is not an excuse and I am more alert.  I am making better use of my time since I have added “gym class” (as my husband calls it) to my daily routine.  I am more focused.  And for one hour, Monday through Friday, I give up control and do the workout.

Giving up control is probably the biggest challenge I face in my life.  I like control.  I like telling people what to do and how to do it.  In class now, by letting go of control I have also let go of the fear of looking bad.  So what if I fail? Now, I look and think, it is not failure, it is trying.  Effort counts.  I often tell people that the spiritual life is about progress, not perfection.  And I am reminded of this every day I go to class.

Exercising my body has given me a new hope and outlook in all that I do.  I believe much more strongly in the possibilities.  I have become stronger mentally, spiritually and physically.

And yes, I am still going.

Copyright 2013 Deanna Bartalini