Seeking Input from Post Partum Depression Sufferers Seeking Input from Post Partum Depression Sufferers

I’ve begun writing the third and final installment for my Women’s Christian Inspirational Fiction series. The first title is Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage, the second is Miriam: Repentance and Redemption in Rome and the third is Sophia: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend.

I’m winding back to the United States with this book. The first takes place in Israel and the second in Rome. The reason I share all this with you is that in this last book, the main character Sophia (who is Elizabeth’s daughter and Miriam’s goddaughter) suffers from post partum depression—a topic that is very personal to me and one that I want to approach as honestly as possible in the book.

My hope is to gather some feedback from different women who have suffered through any of the symptoms of this illness, regardless of the degree. I want to offer Sophia’s experience with PPMD as a ray of hope to women everywhere; the questions for which I am asking feedback on are designed for me to draw knowledge from for the character.

If you would consider emailing me at I would be very grateful—and I pray that your feedback will help another woman. And by all means, don’t feel you have to answer all the questions or even follow them precisely; consider them just a guide as I believe others will be blessed by your willingness to help understand this often debilitating disorder.

  1. Were you diagnosed by a medical professional as a post-partum mood disorder sufferer?
  2. If you were, what was the exact diagnosis? (depression, anxiety, psychosis or any other related diagnosis)
  3. If you were not diagnosed by a medical professional, how did you determine your PPMD?
  4. What were you symptoms?
    1. When did they begin?
    2. How long did you suffer PPMD?
    3. If you were to rate your symptoms on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being very mild, 5 being manageable, and 10 being debilitating, how would you rate your symptoms?
    4. Were you given medication—and was it effective?
    5. What resources were you given—and which were most helpful? (support groups, natural remedies, counseling and so on)
    6. Did you suffer any form of PPMD with each childbirth?
      1. Did the illness increase or decrease?
      2. Did your faith play a role in helping you cope?
      3. Is there anything else you would offer about your PPMD experience?

Copyright 2013 Cheryl Dickow