Small Success Thursday
Today, I am so grateful to have my whole family with me.  My husband has been at work non-stop for the past two and a half weeks.   My son lives at college, so we see him only for special occasions. On Thanksgiving, we will be a stuffed house.
But what’s a holiday without a little extra?  My brother and his wife and four children will be joining us to feast and play football. Perhaps this year the luckless Gorillas (the adults) shall triumph over the forever victorious Wolves (the children) with the addition of two younger sets of legs that actually exercise on the team.

I hope all of you have the people you love nearby, and that you take time during the day of cranberries and turkey, pie and stuffing to count your blessings and remember the very lavish beauty of this life, and how important it is to be thankful.   Indeed, it is what Small Success Thursday is all about, stopping to be thankful for all God puts before us.

So, what are my Small Successes this Thursday?
1) Surviving two-and-a-half weeks of solo parenting. Not always gracefully, but we did it.
2) Getting in a lunch with my daughter who had the day off before everyone else did.
3) Making pumpkin pie with my 9-year-old son, and cranberries with my 8-year-old daughter, shopping with all of them for their father’s birthday and sitting back to exhale after a long bulk of November.

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Copyright 2013 Sherry Antonetti