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On December 2, 2012, I started the Can We Cana? blog on a wing and a prayer, hoping to provide support for Catholic marriages and families.

Thanks to my wonderful readers, the blog reached its 1000th pageview in less than two months. By its one-year anniversary, the blog has attracted more than 30,000 pageviews from readers in all 50 states and in countries around the globe.

Topics have included everything from sexuality and the Theology of the Body to staying married through sickness and health, unexpected pregnancies, first-year disillusionment, and the pressures of raising a big family. There are parenting tips, household tips, and reviews of awesome Catholic family resources. I've even included discussions of difficult issues like marital abandonment, abortion, annulment, virginity, and rape.

Thanks to the support of some amazing on-line friends I've made, Can We Cana? posts have also appeared on,,, (Australia), and

Here's a run-down of the posts you liked the best, and a request -- tell me what else you'd most like to read about!

Top 5 Most Popular Posts

1. Chaste Sex: Not What You Think It Is (more than 1200 views)
2. The One-Year Itch
3. When Sex is Too Much Bother: Japan's Troubling Celibacy Syndrome
4. Pope Francis Makes Me Ashamed
5. Letting Your Child Go with God: A First Communion Story

Most Popular Guest Post

Why We Still Use NFP When We're So Bad at It by James B of

Post with Highest Critical Acclaim

Theology Professor Endorses My Book

Post with the Most Comments

The Terrors of the 7th Grade Dance

Many blessings on all of you for helping this Catholic marriage support community grow. If there are any topics you'd like to hear more about, please let me know in the comments!

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