Communion of Saints calendar

I have just compiled the NEW Communion of Saints Family Calendar!

You have seen these Saint images before. They were created by my 15 year old daughter Kelly.

Aren’t they cute?  Check out the Saint Scripts Craft Kits released last fall!

You can mark in your special family dates (birthdays, Sacrament anniversaries, milestones) ONCE, and keep the Calendar on display year after year! It’s a PERPETUAL calendar!

We have made copies with all of our family dates and given them to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Now, everyone has the same record of birthdays, anniversaries and even First Sacrament dates….and they can add new ones as they happen!

Here’s January:

January Communion of Saints Calendar


The NEW Communion of Saints Family Calendar has the new Saint Scripts (Kelly Comics SAINTS) illustrating each month.  Some of the Mysteries of the Rosary are illustrated as well, highlighting each special Feast Day.  Many of the Saints' Feast Days are marked, along with Liturgical Season reminders and Monthly Devotions.  There is also a full index of ALL the Feast Days of the Year included in this PDF download, for easy reference for your family!


Visit Equipping Catholic Families to purchase your PDF download of the NEW Communion of Saints Family Calendar.  For a limited time, if you share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Google+, or your blog, you get $2 OFF!

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