Editor's note: The following post was written by our contributor Cassandra Poppe before Christmas, during Advent. Because so many of our readers were prayer warriors during little Fulton Poppe's burn accident and subsequent recovery, I know that you would want to know of his incredible progress. I know you'll be touched both by Cassandra's words and by the precious video shared below. Please continue to keep Fulton and his entire family in your prayers! Lisa

Fulton Poppe, two weeks before his accident Fulton Poppe, two weeks before his accident

I cannot believe we are almost at the one year mark for Fulton's accident. Getting ready for Christmas reminds me of how precious Fulton looked after we returned from Christmas Eve midnight Mass. The tree was buried in presents, but all he was fascinated with was the infant Jesus who appeared under the tree. He couldn't take his eyes off of the Infant.

Time has flown by so quickly, I feel like I haven't been able to catch my breath and properly assess all that has happened this year. The blessings, the crosses, the new friends in our lives, and dreams lost. My cup runneth over, for even through the tears I see it is all from God and it is all good.

Thy will be done, Lord.

I am a complete organizational mess, as most of my real life friends and family know, and while I have tried to keep track of addresses for thank you notes, I think about half of the hundreds of well-wishers have gone unacknowledged. There were so many I wanted to respond to personally, and that special pile has disappeared into the abyss, and I am left here unable to hug each of you and write to you to tell you how grateful I am for your love and support. This pains me deeply, as every prayer, Mass, card, and pack of stickers has brought such grace to Fulton and our family. The medical supplies (oh the needed medical supplies!), skin creams and salves, and all of the necessary but unglamorous gifts we have received were in many ways the most important. The fundraisers, the generous donations people have made, the angels in disguise who have helped us with difficult scheduling and travel issues... I am the unworthy recipient of such graces. And I am so, so thankful.

Fulton, in his own way, is thankful as well. He just does not know it yet. But I think he can feel the love and has certainly benefited from your prayers. He recently drew 2 self portraits (which I will post soon!) that proves how happy he is and how well he is doing. Thanks be to God!

Until I get those pictures posted, I will simply post the video for you all to see. Please pass this along to anyone you know who has prayed for Fulton or has followed his progress in the past - your churches, prayer groups and homeschool groups, friends and family members. I shed many tears as I created it, but they are tears of gratitude and were shed for all of you.

[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/1oKy71aRNAs]

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