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Dinner time is important!

pasta and sauce

Our family really enjoys food and it’s a great opportunity to share and celebrate. Sometimes, dinners can be a little rushed as our schedule sometimes adjusts to outside commitments, but we make a concerted effort to eat together every day.
It’s a little unorthodox sometimes.

We still haven’t managed to get a bib or apron on Adam when he eats noodles and sauce, so sometimes our dress code is a little abused.

We try to talk about meaningful things…even if it’s just sharing the events of our day.

Any snippiness is corrected and we try to make sure that everyone has a chance to talk…and listen.

This is important in my family …of talkers and performers!

Conversation Pieces Catholic

We’ve just released a NEW Craft Kit: Conversation Pieces with questions and prompts for meaningful conversations at the dinner table.

We know that you can come up with great conversation on your own, but these fully illustrated Kelly Comics templates will be fun to use for a more deliberate and focused family activity or tradition!

We have a Family Fun version of Conversation Pieces with 84 fun-to-answer prompts including thoughtful Faith-focused questions.

We also have the Catholic Conversation Pieces with Saints and Sacraments, with 144 illustrated conversation prompts, helping us to delve into our mentors in the Catholic Faith as well as our grace-filled Sacraments! This kit also includes the popular Sacrament Toppers to celebrate Sacraments year after year!

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We have a busy dinner table...never dull, always eventful! We could still learn

...some dinner etiquette,

...to be more adventurous in our menu choices

...and we could insist upon higher standards of courteous interaction...

but we're going to hold on to this cherished family time, with both hands ...and a fork.

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