It can be soooooo hard to wait to celebrate Easter until Easter, can't it?  The candy has been out since before Valentines Day and everywhere in town has had Easter Egg Hunts before the big day.  This year, the Easter season technically goes until June 8.  Here are a few things you can do to keep Easter out of Lent.


Easter Books

I keep my Easter books put away until Easter Sunday.  I'd like to get a large Easter-looking basket to set them in the book corner with on Easter morning.  For now an Easter wrapped paper box will have to do :).  The generic spring books can come out, though, and that helps ease the transition.

Easter Baskets

We've tried to keep Easter Baskets pretty simple around here, but I just love to give gifts!   I do try to put religious items and books in when I find great items.  Luckily, our gift-loving family always sends their Easter baskets AFTER Easter, if we don't make it over to visit.

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Easter Egg Hunts

Save your Easter egg hunts until Easter Day.  I know many places do them on Saturday, but its not much fun to have them part of a city-wide hunt anyway.  It's worse than fireworks.  We have taken eggs for the hunt to the grandparents house when the weather is nice.  When its still cold & snowy, we wait for nicer weather.  Up north, we've frequently waited until Mother's Day.

Coloring Easter Eggs

This one is easy to do after Easter, especially if you are traveling.  Not only can you get the kits for practically nothing after Easter, but it prolongs the fun.  Easter is 50 days long!  Why squeeze all the fun into one day?

What are some Easter practices that your family saves until after Easter Sunday?

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