Small Success Thursday

This past week felt epic before I started. My husband would be away on a four day retreat for his firm, so I would hold down the fort over two days of school and the weekend. (Epic). We had a band concert on Sunday and I’d have to drive to downtown DC (I don’t do this), and that frightened me, as I’m notorious for getting lost. We don’t have a GPS because my husband is a whiz with navigation and he normally takes this task. I have an anti-GPS in my head, if there’s a way to get lost, I’ll find it. Even having sometimes used a GPS, I lack the mental discipline to listen to directions, and thus get lost anyway. Then there were the decisions that loomed, helping my daughter pick a college, getting our taxes filed, continuing to shuffle through the possibilities for next year with respect to schools for our other children. My head swum with all the details to be tracked, analyzed and decided. The desert of our lives felt vast, wild and tangled.  I wanted a GPS for life for crying out loud, I promised this time, I'd listen.

But Friday, my 3 year old and I went to mass, I squeezed in confession, and it felt like some of the debris on the floor of the desert was cleared away.
This week, my oldest daughter made a chart comparing and contrasting the colleges. We watched her talk about the schools, and the one where she spoke and unconsciously smiled the whole time, we knew, this was the one. Some of the wilderness became more manageable.

We made it to the band concert, ahead of schedule, (even with two u-turns).  I took all our kids out to dinner at IHOP after mass, and we planned the two birthday parties we still need to host to continue our Birthday-arama that is part of spring in our household.

Picking up the tax forms, all the bigness of the week that had been, suddenly felt smaller. Like the sure knowledge we will get through these 40 days, we will get through the desert, and Easter is just waiting. Easter, the only thing that actually is epic in life, and here it is, just waiting for us to make it to the end of next week.

Can’t wait to hear about your week, hope whatever made you feel lost, has been cleared away, and whatever you needed to discover, has been found.