Today's Gospel: John 10:31-42

The tension is rising.  Jesus has just healed the blind man whom the Pharisees believed was blind because of his sin.  Jesus affirms it is the Pharisees who fail to recognize their blindness- who remain in their guilt and sin.  He calls Himself one with the Father, and the next thing you know, stones are being lifted in anger.

It is His time.  He is Truth.  He cannot deny the Father, or who He is in Him.  We can imagine His heart aching for the conversion of Pharisaical hearts.

“If you do not believe me, believe in the works…that you may understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father.”

It seems like a last cry to them.  Don’t you see?  I am the Good Shepherd!  I am willing to even lay down my life for you!  Just look at my works- they are full of compassion.  Do your hearts still not understand?

Jesus resigns Himself to the Father’s Will.  This will go another way.

How often it is in our own lives that we long for someone we love to understand.  Sometimes our acts of love for the soul’s salvation are misunderstood.  Others want to throw stones at us- sharp words, heavy accusations, cold remarks.

In these times we must always confess any of our own blindness first.  We must cross the Jordon River of baptismal vows and confession.  We then believe in the works of the One who can change all hearts.


How do you handle rejection when you believe you are sharing the Truth? How do you approach the Lord in prayer when this has happened?


Jesus, I want to understand more fully your oneness with the Father.  Take away my blindness, give me courage to stand in your Truth even when others reject me.  I believe in all the mighty works you will do in my life!

Copyright 2014 Cynthia Ann Costello