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Knowing her humility, I'm positive that my friend Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur will be upset with me when she sees that I have shared the following AWESOME video from the Diocese of Springfield's Real to Real program.

If you asked me to describe Patrice in one word, I would say "gracious". If you allowed me a few more, I'd include "gentle, generous, talented, artistic, saintly, kind, educated, well-read, and steadfast".

I've "known" Patrice for years through her own writing and her sharings here on But I've only very recently had the chance to meet my friend in person. Sadly, that happened on a day when I was suffering from laryngitis and couldn't eek out more than a few whispered sentences. That frustrated me because I had so many questions for my friend.

Thankfully, this video created by another of my Massachusetts friends, Peggy Weber, answers some of those questions. When you watch this, you'll learn about Patrice's homeschooling, her quilting, and her authorship of the books Letters to Mary from a Young Mother and The Catholic Baby Name Book. But you'll also see a glimmer into Patrice's personality -- and that's a treat. Patrice so often uses her platform here on our site to shine a light on the work of others. So it's terrific to have a peek into my friend's heart and her home!

Visit Patrice's column archives here and her blog here.

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