Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Answers 4 Catholics App – Apologetics on Hand

Allison Gingras shares a very enlightening front door exchange with visiting Jehovah Witnesses, and she also provides a brief review of the Answers 4 Catholic app, a study and apologetics app.

Catholic Blogger Martina Kreitzer

Catholic Blogger Martina Kreitzer doesn't let the fact that she doesn't feel like she's a great writer stop her from following God's call. Find out more about her and her work with Catholic Sistas.

Are Electronic Games Making Us Stupid?

Bernard Toutounji considers whether the prevalence of electronic gaming is making us stupid.

Tech Talk: Nutrition by the Numbers

Get nutrition information for all your favorite family recipes in a only a moment or two.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Knowledge and Twitter

Allison Gingras continues her 7-part series on Social Media and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  This week she explores the gift of Knowledge and how it relates to Twitter.

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