9781467545563_1It arrived in the mail about a week ago. Admittedly, I didn't rush to check it our immediately because I'm not a terrific cook. But the moment I opened my beautiful new copy of With the Help of Thy Grace Cookbook, I was captivated!

In truth, this is far more than your average cookbook. Addressing the obvious first, the recipes in this book are diverse, well written, and comprehensive. In its diversity, it reminds me a great deal of my ancient copy of The Joy of Cooking because it has so many recipes. I also love the book's spiral binding and hardcover, which simply makes it a practical tool in the kitchen.

But what makes With the Help of Thy Grace Cookbook truly special is the amazing spiritual components of the book. As these sample pages show, the book combines food for the body with food for your family's soul: scripture, saints, catechism, traditional prayers and much more are interspersed within the recipe chapters. I found myself reading the Cookbook the way I would embrace a lovely spiritual reference book. Placing it in my pantry with my other cookbooks feels wrong, so this one will live on my counter where I can turn to it for frequent inspiration.

Here's an overview:

With the Help of Thy Grace Cookbook by Susan M. Greve is a unique and captivating "must have" cookbook for every Catholic home. This one-of-a-kind culinary collection pulls together a depth of "I-always-wanted-to-have" recipes which include appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, and a variety of scrumptious special dishes.

What makes this book stand alone is the way the author delivers mouth-watering recipes interspersed with quotes from saints, small-but-powerful reflections, Bible passages, prayers, and beautiful catechesis of the Catholic faith on each page. This top-notch cookbook provides fortification for the body, mind, and soul. Its hardcover exterior is complemented by a spiral-bound interior - perfect for laying open on a table or counter!

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Appetizers
  • Chapter 2 - Sauces, Jams, Jellies, & Rubs
  • Chapter 3 - Beverages
  • Chapter 4 - Soup
  • Chapter 5 - Salad
  • Chapter 6 - Vegetables and Sides
  • Chapter 7 - Meat, Chicken, & Fowl
  • Chapter 8 - Main Dishes
  • Chapter 9 - Lenten Dishes
  • Chapter 10 - Breakfast
  • Chapter 11 - Cake
  • Chapter 12 - Bread, Rolls, Scones, & Sandwiches
  • Chapter 13 - Cookies
  • Chapter 14 - Desserts

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