PrayerLoom Prayerbook Pics scrapbook

As part of Bridget's First Holy Communion a few weeks ago, I put together a special customized Prayer Book. I think that this will be a treasured heirloom for Bridget. It occurred to me that this Prayer-Loom Prayer Book would be an awesome gift for Confirmation candidates...and an excellent addition to the Faith Survival Kit (Dorm Edition) I'm working on for my daughter Emily who will be leaving home for University next year!

PrayerLoom collage

Yes, this is another scrapbook! It is filled with the favorite prayers and images we have collected as a family and I have collected on Pinterest! You may remember the Pinterest Prayerbook I posted about a while back. This project is further customized with the favorite prayers, insight and personal messages from family and close friends.  We always hope for good Faith-filled role models for our children....and this project builds on the involvement of these mentors in this Faith-building gift.

PrayerLoom Prayerbook Pics

The project was jumpstarted by TWO Cathletics Craft Kits available through our family apostolate:  the All Season Prayer Bank and the Kelly Saints Scripts (Series One and Two). The Prayer Bank Craft Kit has 74 little prayer cards with many of the classic traditional prayers along with some newer prayers as well.  The Kelly Saints Scripts Craft Kits offer awesome Saint illustrations for 42 favorite Saints.

Prayer Looms Craft Kit 2014template

I also compiled the FREE Prayer-Loom Prayer Book craft kit with instructions and suggestions to help craft your own customized Prayer Book, along with some extra templates to further customize it as a gift.

We customized the one-page template and sent it to our family and friends to fill out some or all of the prompts.  As I received these back (hand-written and scanned or copied), I included these wise insights and favorite prayers within the book to further guide our little First Communicant.  As Bridget received additional messages on First Communion cards, I have included these (or photocopied them) to include in this one-of-a-kind prayer book!

Even the older siblings enjoyed filling out the little form and adding to Bridget's Prayer-Loom Prayer Book.  I look forward to enlisting the siblings and other family and friends for Emily's Prayer-Loom Prayer part of her Faith Survival Kit I'll be working on this summer!

PrayerLoom cards

This is a great summer project...if you'd like your kids to get started on their own Prayer-Loom Prayer Books! Any of the craft kits mentioned can be used to make multiple copies of prayers and saint images...for all the kids who live in your house! Let them sift through the prayers and saints...and choose the ones that are most dear to them.  The more they customize the book...the more they will treasure it...and use it!

Check out the Prayer-Loom Prayer Book tutorial for further instructions and resources...including the FREEBIE for Subscribers!

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