Catholic BookstoreI am working on a presentation that will be given in a few weeks to a group of many folks interested in serving Catholics. Among them will be owners of religious bookstores.

These men and women serve in a very special mission field. Often, they are on the front lines of the New Evangelization -- answering questions, clarifying misconceptions, and simply being a listening ear for folks who have faith issues. I've met more than one person who was drawn into full Communion with the Church via their local Catholic bookstore.

But these Catholic bookstores also face many challenges. In an "on demand" age when many of us are more likely to hit Amazon for our quick book fixes, some of these retailers/evangelizers are struggling to keep their stores open.

So today, I'd like to hear from you on a few questions:

1. If you shop at a local Catholic retail store, why do you choose to do so?

2. If you don't, what could your local Catholic retail store do to entire you in the door?

3. What would you like to see happening at your local Catholic bookstore? Speakers, concerts, prayer meetings, bible studies? If they offered these, would you attend?

4. What was the last item you purchased at a Catholic bookstore?

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your insights on these questions!

Copyright 2014 Lisa M. Hendey