Here are five novels I've read recently and highly recommend.

5 Novels Worth Reading

Bonus: I'm giving my thumbnail description in 140 characters or less. (You're welcome.)

(And in case you wondered, these are listed in alphabetical order by title.)


The Lion's Heart, by Dena Hunt

Hot topic, tackled well. Will not only get you thinking, but will also pull your heartstrings. A courageous book I'm sharing far and wide.


The Rising, by Robert Ovies

Maybe the best book I've read this year. Fast-paced, stellar writing, powerful storytelling. Couldn't put it down OR quit talking about it.


A Subtle Grace, by Ellen Gable

A good story, well told, and I can heartily recommend it. Full of romance and history, with a side of suspense and plot. Perfect for beach!


Tobit's Dog, by Michael Nicholas Richard

Retelling a Bible story, but not in any way boring. You'll turn the pages, love the characters, and maybe even walk away changed. LOVED it!


The Watson Chronicles: A Sherlock Holmes Novel in Stories, by Ann Margaret Lewis

One word: masterful. Stories well-constructed, mysteries that leave you scratching your head, characters who come to life. Prepare to enjoy!

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