Today's Gospel: Matthew 20:20-28

Don't we all want the best for our children? Don't we think our kids are the best? (Or, depending on the day, the worst?) (Tell me it's not just me...)

It's such a challenge to watch your child struggle, to know that all you can do is pray and offer your encouragement (whether it's wanted or not). What I wouldn't give to see Jesus face-to-face and ask, as the Mrs. Zebedee did, for all I want for my children.

Sometimes, though, the things we want for our children aren't what's best, no matter what we think. Whether it's a good grade or a blue ribbon, a promotion or a pregnancy, a job or even just a good night's sleep--maybe what our parent's heart longs for isn't in line with what God has in mind for them.

Jesus is gentle with Mrs. Zebedee. I can't help but think that he sees a bit of his own mother in her. Don't you think Mary would have had Jesus avoid the Cross if it was at all possible? Standing at the foot of the cross had to be a hard time to lean back into God's arms and hope that it was for the best.

For me, it's an ongoing lesson in trusting God. He loves my children more than I do, and, more than anyone else, he wants what's best for them: heaven. They're not mine anyway, and they never were. I'm a steward of a great treasure, one that I'm ill-fitted to have.


Today, offer a prayer for each of the children or young people in your life who are in your care, physically or spiritually. How can you intercede for them? What encouragement and support can you offer without making a "call" on what's best?


Lord, help me to trust that you have my children firmly in your care. Give me the grace to lean back in your arms and let you carry them. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Sarah Reinhard