I'll Do Better Tomorrow, I Promise
by Maurine Reynolds Adamek
Dreyer Press (1998), 32 pages

This is my first book review for and a great book to start with.

The first page begins with a prayer and the last with an "Amen." The whole book is the prayer of a little boy who is trying to be "good" but knows he needs help from God.

The way he discovers that he needs God's help is by overhearing his mom's prayer for assistance. He expresses the desire of each of us for "someone to listen" and "understand."

Each page is a delightfully illustrated look into a seemingly mischievous little boy's life. After giving it another look I conclude that this book will also work well as a meditation for mom. It is a book about prayer from the heart.

Other ways this book may be read:

- Moms may introduce Catholic prayers to children (not found in this book) as they pause on each page. They might ask the child, "What do we pray before we eat?" "What prayers do we know to Mary? How do you think Mary prayed when Jesus was growing up?" "Who is the patron of gardens, animals?" "This is a prayer asking God for help. What other kinds of prayer are there?"

- This book may also be used for talking points around events that have happened during the day, reactions to those events,and expectations you have as a parent. This can help foster parent/child communication. You might conclude by sharing a prayer together, the greatest form of communication.

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