It's been a little over a month since I shared my top ten games of E3, so here are my top ten most popular games of E3. Keep in mind, these are not the games I'm recommending. In fact, one or two
games here, I wouldn't recommend unless someone bought the game for me, and possibly bribed me to give it a good review. These are the games that garnered a lot of the most positive feedback at E3 when they were displayed.

1. Batman: Arkham Knight.

The previous Arkham games were excellent. I'm waiting for the next one.

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2. Bayonetta 2

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The first Bayonetta was completely and totally insane. It’s nice to see that the sequel hasn’t changed anything, except perhaps adding the little jabs at other Nintendo properties. (Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo-only property, FYI). This will qualify as a guilty pleasure. Sorry, but it was just plain fun.

3. Destiny

While this is filled with online multiplayer, it's been suggested that it's incorporated into a single-player campaign.

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4. Far Cry 4

I hope to review Far Cry 3 here sometime soon, but the game takes forever and a day to finish.

The graphics are, of course, stunning. Impressively so. Like with the last game, the first person protagonist is stranded in a strange and Hellish location through no real fault of his own, and like some Alfred Hitchcock scenario, the ordinary Joe Schmoe must turn into a hero in order to survive.

Like the last Far Cry game, the antagonist is an abject crazy in charge of a band of armed bozos. It comes out on almost every system. Which makes me wonder why they bothered with the “next gen” consoles, but what the heck, it looks like fun.

How about some game play?

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5. Mirror's Edge

Despite this being a sequel, it's got the exact same title as the first game. It doesn't show a lot, but it's just fun to look at.

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6. Battlefield: Hardline

With Battlefield 4, there were crashes, online server failures, and it was, overall, a complete and utter disaster. Even among gamers who had bought premium packs for the game. It was universally criticized as a train wreck.

Now, the people at EA have decided to bring Battlefield into a
traditionally solid realm that has been played forever. Cops and robbers. Will it work this time? Maybe. We’ll see. It looks like a vast improvement, but gamers have been burned before.

If you're read my review of Battlefield 3, you know I'm not fond of the franchise. However, a lot of gamers went insane over it. It may not be terrible.

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7. Rise of the Tomb Raider

If you read my review of Tomb Raider, you know that I was fond of the game. Now they're doing a sequel. And the graphics look amazing.

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8. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Well, that was fun. Although, a few things:

1) South Korea? I’m trying to figure out if this is another Red Dawn
Situation, where China has been replaced with North Korea as the villain, or if the bad guys are just plain aliens.

2) They’re obviously going for the latest competition, the new video game release Titanfall. They’ve got powered exoskeleton armor, jetpacks, and even a spider tank from the Halo games. This is either a techno-thriller, or full on science fiction. I’m inclined to say technothriller, since they’re not using anything technologically that’s farther than 20 years away.

3) I like the trick with uplinking a soldier’s personal HUD to a
surveillance drone. Very cute. But I think I first saw it on the now-defunct TV show Intelligence.

4) If they’re going to do an E3 demo, why did they have a cut and paste “emotional” sequence lifted from Halo: Reach? Otherwise, the graphics look pretty spectacular. But it’s a Triple-A franchise. It better look that awesome. And yes, that was Kevin Spacey.

9. Tom Clancy's The Division

Wow, that man is productive, even in death.

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This is, for the record, the opening of the game. UPDATE: This is the
opening of the game. Apparently, the idea is that the government has put sleeper agents in American cities to be on hand just in case everything hits the fan.

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10. The Return of Halo

So, they're coming out with a Halo 5.

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And he brought some friends.

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