catholicmom garage photoIs it just me or has the whole world gone OCD? I don’t know about you, but I am finding that nine out of ten of my mommy friends are highly-organized, super-efficient, supremely-productive, greatly-impressive specimens of detail-oriented uber-geniuses. I love you all, my wildly-competent friends, and you have my utmost respect and admiration. But to be honest, you make me a little cuckoo. I can’t measure up. I can’t seem to keep my underwear drawer in rainbow order or remember my best friend’s birthday. I am trying to look at the hard-water-spotted glass half full here. So, I present to you some excuses advantages to letting some things go.  (I can personally vouch for many of these, as I have actually put them into practice myself.)

Top 16 Reasons Why Staying on Top of Things is Over-rated

16. If you neglect to clean your garage, you are doing your part for the environment. All that stuff most people throw away ends up in the landfill, while yours stays in your garage.

15. If you neglect those papers on your desk for long enough, you will not need to file them. You will be able to throw the whole lot of them away, since you will have already dealt personally with the bill collectors.

14. If you spend too much time exercising and fail to eat or sleep enough, you could actually lose muscle. (Read about it at

13. If you leave a wet towel on the lawn for too long, you can harvest a roly-poly farm that will provide hours of fun for all the bug enthusiasts in your neighborhood.

12. If you forget to pay the utilities, you may get to know your neighbors better when you knock on their door to ask to fill your turkey pan with water. Your children will also learn a valuable lesson about the importance of clean water and develop compassion for third-world nations.

11. If you are too efficient about getting to the grocery store, you will never be desperate enough to dig out that old chicken breast frosted onto the back panel of the freezer and turn it into enchiladas.

10. If you wash the dog, he will have that offensive wet dog smell.

9. If you wash your kids too often, they could develop a skin condition. (You can read about it at

8. If you get the car washed, there will be a dust storm followed by rain, and that will not only void out your car wash, it will further mess up the windows at home and in your entire community.

7. If you make your bed, you are disturbing the optimum comfort configuration of the covers, arrived at after a full six to eight hours of sleeping under them, getting them exactly the way you like them. (Remember how painful it is to the toes at those nice resorts, where all the bedcovers are tucked so tightly? Once a year is OK, but you don’t want to do that to your tootsies regularly.)

6. If you eliminate dust bunnies, you are eliminating the only creatures in the house who don’t require you to feed them, help them with their homework or break up their fights.

5. Failing to send thank you cards actually helps the gift giver understand the true joy of giving since they receive absolutely nothing in return for the gift they give.

4. Neglecting to send your friends birthday cards takes the pressure off of them to remember your birthday.

3. If you do laundry too often, you will be contributing to the depletion of our endangered water supply.

2. If you fail to get the sticky “g” on your keyboard fixed, you will have “love” instead of “glove.”

And the number one reason why staying on top of things is over-rated:

1. If you spend a little less time staying on top of things, you might have more time to hug your kids.

Copyright 2014 Sherry Boas