grab and go bible gameThe hard work involved in this fun game will help students better understand some of the reasons why God makes us go through challenges. Today's Bible game provides a great opportunity for kids to learn this!


  • One deck of cards
  • Two bowls


Students will have to first race to collect all of the cards of their team’s designated color and will then have to be the first team to toss all of their cards into their bowl.


Today, we recognize all of the hard work that people do. And we all know that we can’t live life by just doing enough. We have to work hard and keep working hard to achieve the excellence that God wants to see in us. We’ll practice working hard today by playing a game!


1. If possible, divide class into two even teams.

2. Have teams sit together while you first shuffle, and then dump the deck of cards on the floor, mixing them up and spreading them around in front of the

3. Place a bowl three feet in front of each team.

4. Assign each team a color that is one the cards; ie The Red Team, The Black

5. When you say “Go!” the teams will then race to find all the cards of their

6. They may only pick up cards that are their team’s designated color.

7. Once they have all of the cards of their color, they must sit or stand three feet from their team’s bowl.

8. Next they will have to toss their cards into the bowl.

9. Whichever team has the most cards in their bowl at the end of four minutes, wins.

10. If the bowls fill before time runs out, then the first team to finish wins.

11. Students may go and collect cards that missed the bowl and bring them back to the throwing spot.

12. The only way the cards can get into the bowl is by tossing them from the three feet mark.


Proverbs 14:23 says, “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” If some of you just slacked off in our game, then you wouldn’t have won or you wouldn’t have come close to winning. But since you all worked very hard, you all feel like you achieved something. You all feel like you accomplished something because you never gave up. And that’s how we should approach this year. Let’s remember to think of our daily challenges as a game. We win if we have faith and want to be better Christians!

Copyright 2014 Mary Kate Warner